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Bridge Gardens


This park is open. Please adhere to the social distancing guidelines. 

(Tueday 7 July 2020)


Size: 5,674 sq m/ 0.5 hectares.
A walk around the perimeter of this park will contribute 280 steps to the advised 10,000 daily steps recommended to improve fitness.

BBQ's are not permitted in any of the parks and open spaces.

Location and access details

Junction of Bath Road and Ray Mead Road




At the foot of the bridge are 2 plaques, one giving the history of the bridge, the other a reminder of the flood of 1947 when the water extended as far as you can see towards the town. There was a Toll House on the bridge until 1903, when the bridge was "freed" and the jubilant townspeople threw the gate into the river.

The Environment Agency monitor the River Thames for both water level and flow at a number of sites. The station in Bridge Gardens which is situated to the north of the site uses ultrasonic 'time of flight' technology to measure the velocity of the water and thus calculate the flow rate in the river. Monitoring is continuous and data is relayed automatically via telephone to the 'Hydrometry and Telemetry' team who are responsible for the management of this site. For further information see website

The Ada Lewis memorial

This memorial was originally erected in 1908 in memory of local benefactor Ada Lewis, and was used as a drinking trough. In late 2010 the memorial was relocated to a more central position within Bridge Gardens. The illuminated fountain sits within a pool, and is surrounded by a paved area with seating, so users can enjoy the fountain as well as views of the River Thames and Maidenhead Bridge.