2. Applying for a Secondary, Middle or Upper school (September 2020 entry)

The Royal Borough of Windsor & Maidenhead delivers its school admissions service through Achieving for Children, a community interest company set up in partnership with the Royal Borough of Kingston and the London Borough of Richmond.

Applications for entry into secondary, middle or upper school will be open between Monday 9 September 2019 and Thursday 31 October 2019.

Please ensure you read the Admission into Secondary School September 2020 guide  before completing your application.  This sets out the admissions process in full and your responsibilities as the applicant.

Secondary School Admissions covers those pupils starting at either:

  • Middle school at the beginning of Year 5
  • Secondary school at the beginning of Year 7
  • Upper school at the beginning of Year 9

Applicable Birth Date Range for September 2020 entry:

  • Year 5 entry - 01/09/2010 to 31/08/2011 (Middle School)
  • Year 7 entry - 01/09/2008 to 31/08/2009 (Secondary School)
  • Year 9 entry - 01/09/2006 to 31/08/2007 (Upper School)

Key Dates for Academic Year 2020/2021

  • Opening date - Monday 9 September 2019
  • Closing date - Thursday 31 October 2019
  • Extended deadline for exceptional circumstances - Thursday 14 November 2019
  • National Offer Day - Monday 2 March 2020
  • Respond to a school place offer - Monday 16 March 2020
  • Waiting list positions for all applicants and late applicant decision letters - From April 2020


Applications for a school place must be made through your home authority - this is the council where you live and to which you pay council tax. Residents can apply for non-Royal Borough schools through using this application process.

Please read the Guide to using the ONE Admissions Portal  should you experience any difficulty making your application before contacting school admissions for support. The wording on the live portal may be different to the wording on the guide due to the recent upgrade but the process remains the same.

Applications should be made online and can be amended up until applications close at 23:59 on Thursday 31 October 2019.  You can access the online system on National Offer day to view the outcome of your application.  

If you are unable to make an online application, please contact school admissions - [email protected] for further support.


Late Applications

Applications submitted after the closing date will be considered during the second round of allocations and decision letters will be sent in April 2020.

Applying to Grammar Schools

All schools in the Royal Borough are comprehensive and meet the needs of all ability ranges. This means they do not require entrance exams as a form of entry. Grammar schools are available in neighbouring authorities. If you wish your child to apply for a grammar school then you must:

  • Register to sit the entrance exam with the relevant local authority under which your preferred Grammar schools sits. Your child must sit an entrance exam to be considered for these schools.
  • Make an application via your home authority between 9 September 2019 and 31 October 2019 naming your preferred schools.

We recommend that you discuss the option of applying for a grammar school with your child's current head teacher first, and also contact any grammar schools you are interested in to ensure that you have all the necessary information.

If you have any questions about the grammar school process, please contact the local authority where your preferred grammar school is located.

Allocation Information

Details about how places have been allocated over the previous three years have been published below: