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2. Deputy and Appointee team - Charges

The following charges are levied against our service users as set by the Court of Protection / Office of the Public Guardian and are not open to amendment or change.

Office of the Public Guardian / Court of Protection

Remuneration of local authority deputies

The following rates of remuneration will apply where the Court appoints a holder of an office in a local authority to act as a deputy:

Category Description Amount not exceeding
I Work up to and including the date upon which the court makes an order appointing a deputy for property and affairs £745.00

Annual management fee where the court appoints a local authority deputy for property and affairs, payable on the anniversary of the court order:

A. for the first year

  B. for the second subsequent years £650.00
  Where the assets of 'P' are below £16,000 the local authority Deputy for property and affairs may take an annual management fee not exceeding 3.5% of P's net assets on the anniversary of the court order appointing the local authority as Deputy.  
III Annual property management fee to include work involved in preparing property for sale, instructing agents, conveyancers etc or the ongoing maintenance of property including management and letting of a rental property. £300.00
IV Preparation and lodgement of an annual report or account to the Public Guardian. £216.00

Deputy and Appointeeship

Estates Winding Up Fee - Level 1

Completing the basic Estate requirements, and assuming that there is a valid will and next of kin / solicitor £243.00:

  • Notify DWP,
  • Notify Court of Protection / Office of the Public Guardian,
  • Notify other financial institutions,
  • Complete BD8,
  • Settle funeral and other final bills,
  • Distribute estate to executors (where applicable).

Estates Winding Up Fee - Level 2

Work undertaken would include some or all the basic requirements above, plus any of the additional work required £300.00:

  • Completion of final account report for Court of Protection,
  • Advising or assisting on the completion of Probate applications,
  • Referring the estate to Treasury Solicitors,
  • Liaising with Treasury Solicitors.

Estates Winding Up Fee - Level 3

Work undertaken would include some or all of levels 1 and 2, plus the additional work £420.00:

  • Collecting Death Certificate,
  • Registering the death,
  • Arranging the funeral.