1. About the service

Getting advice from us before you make your application will give you benefits at all stages of the application process.

Getting advice before your application is made will mean you:

  • Find out how likely you are to get planning permission before you spend too much time and money on what you want to do,
  • Understand how our policies and specialist areas of advice such as design, conservation, highway safety, and trees will be applied to your development,
  • Can identify potential problems early on and find solutions,
  • Get advice about how to improve your scheme, including making it impact less on the environment,
  • Can avoid making an application, in some instances, where there is no likelihood of getting planning permission.

The advice we give you will mean that when the application is made you will have an improved chance of getting planning permission with your first application.

This service will provide you with the following:

  • An indication of whether the principle of the proposal is likely to be acceptable and identification of possible constraints – for example Green Belt, Conservation Area, an area liable to flood or proximity to a Listed Building,
  • An indication of whether the detail of your proposal is likely to be acceptable against the policies of the Development Plan,
  • Suggestions of ways to improve the scheme,
  • Identification of other organisations that will be asked to comment on the application,
  • An explanation of the information you need to submit with your application,
  • Details of the likely level of Community Infrastructure Levey (CIL) contribution,
  • A written response produced within 15 working days for householder advice and 25 working days for all other requests.

For large scale, complex, or particularly sensitive proposals that require evolving discussions, possibly over many months a bespoke pre-application service can be provided.

This would include a lead Planning Officer arranging for an initial inception or scoping meeting that will result in an agreed project plan, including timescales, key milestones and scheduled meetings.

Response times for these enquiries would be included in the project plan on a case by case basis.

The cost of this will depend on the nature of the scheme and will be agreed on a case by case basis.