Highway Asset Management

What is Highway Asset Management? 

Asset management is the way an organisation manages its assets to deliver its strategic priorities and service needs effectively.
The Royal Borough's highway assets include:
  • Roads (658 km)
  • Footways (800 km)
  • Bridges / structures (300)
  • Street lights etc (17,000+)
  • Traffic signals (57 sites)
  • Road drains (26,000+)
  • Public rights of way (300+ km)
  • Highway trees (40,000+)

What is in the Highway Asset Management Plan?

There are three documents that form the Highway Asset Management Plan:
  • Highway Asset Management Strategy (HAMS) - A high level strategy for Highway Assets, initially focused on carriageways and footways.
  • Highway Maintenance Management Plan (HMMP) - Sets out policies, standards and methods for maintaining all highway assets.
  • Highway Safety Inspection Manual (HSIM) - Determines where inspections are needed and where interventions are required for all highway assets.

Why does the Royal Borough need a Highway Asset Management Plan?

  • To ensure that spending is focused.
  • To improve resident satisfaction.