1. Courthouse Road, Maidenhead - Traffic Calming Scheme

In response to a petition and resident concerns regarding the speed of traffic in Courthouse Road, two options have been prepared for a potential traffic calming scheme and 20mph speed limit for Courthouse Road on the approaches to the Linden Avenue junction and in Oaken Grove.

To view the plans showing the proposals, please see the Courthouse Road Traffic Calming Scheme Plan Option A and Courthouse Road Traffic Calming Scheme Plan Option B

Both options include a raised Zebra crossing to the north of the Oaken Grove junction, a 20mph speed limit and imprinted carriageway material in various locations to provide areas in a contrasting block paving pattern to visually reduce lane widths and encourage lower speeds. These areas would be flush with the existing carriageway level, so they would not impact on access to and from driveways or junctions.

Option A includes four build outs with cycle bypass lanes, introducing a priority system aimed at reducing traffic speed and changing driver behaviour.

Option B includes four pairs of speed cushions, as an alternative traffic calming option.

To give your view on the proposal, please complete the Courthouse Road Traffic Calming Scheme Consultation.

Although it will not be possible to respond individually to responses received, all feedback will be taken into consideration and will help inform a decision on how to proceed.

This consultation will close on Sunday 16 February 2020.