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2. Dean Lane, Cookham - Traffic Safety Scheme - Closed

The borough has been made aware that residents are concerned with the speed of vehicles travelling along Dean Lane, Cookham. There is particular concern in the area of Herries School, where the road is narrow and there are a number of pedestrians, particularly at school opening and closing times.

A proposed traffic calming scheme has been developed which would consist of three combined buildouts and humps and two individual humps. These features are aimed at reducing the speed of vehicles to make the road safer. These measures are required to be lit during the hours of darkness, this will be achieved by streetlights. The streetlights would be five metres high, illuminating the area of the traffic calming.

To view a plan showing the proposals, please see the Dean Lane Traffic Safety Scheme Plan.

Although it will not be possible to respond individually to responses received, all responses will be taken into consideration and will help inform a decision on how to proceed.

The consultation closed on Sunday 5 January 2020.