7. Laggan Road, Maidenhead - Verge Parking Scheme - Results

In response to concerns from residents regarding a lack of parking spaces, the borough is consulting on proposals to install small areas of additional parking space in Laggan Road, Maidenhead.

The borough would welcome the views of residents on the following options:

  • Option 1: Removal of the two roundabouts at the far end of Laggan Road, to be infilled with hard surface to allow parking.
  • Option 2: Removal of the small grass area near 24- 48 Laggan Road, between the telegraphposts, and infill with hard surface to allow parking.
  • Option 3: Laggan Road - Installation of Option 1 and 2.
  • Option 4: No measures to be implemented.

To view a plan showing the proposals, please see the Laggan Road Verge Protection Scheme plan.

The consultation closed on Sunday 23 December 2018.


Option 1 - 25% (1 response)

Option 2 - 25% (1response)

Option 3 - 50% (2 responses)

Option 4 - 0% (0 response)