3. Apply for council tax support

You may have been advised to complete and submit a shortened form for council tax support if you fulfil one of the following criteria:

You are already in receipt of housing benefit and have had a change in circumstances which means you may now qualify for council tax support as well


You have recently applied for housing benefit via the Department of Works and Pensions or Pension Service and have been advised you need to claim council tax support from your local council.

If either of the above circumstances apply to you, you don't need to submit a full application form online. Instead you can complete a shortened council tax support form.

You should complete and return this to us as soon as possible, any delay may mean you have to submit a full application and/or you could lose out on getting a reduction on your council tax.

Please be aware that if you do not already have a housing benefit claim or you have not within the last month submitted a claim via the Department of works and pensions or Pension Service, you will need to complete the full application form.