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Non-dependant information

A 'non-dependant' is someone aged 18 or over, for example, an adult son or daughter, a relative or even a friend who lives with you on a non-commercial basis.

The Government expects non-dependants to contribute towards the running expenses of the household, which includes rent and/or council tax.

Many householders receive money from their non-dependants to cover housekeeping costs. However, even if the non-dependant pays little or nothing, standard fixed-sum deductions will still be made from the householder's Housing Benefit and/or Council TaxSupport.

These deductions are calculated based on the non-dependant's gross income, so it is important to let us know of any changes in that person's income i.e. if the income decreases or increases this may affect the deduction.

It is also important that we are kept up to date with any other changes that occur regarding a non-dependant e.g. if they leave or join the household.

The deductions from April 2020 are as follows:

Description Amount
In receipt of  Pension Credit Nil
In receipt of main phase ESA(IR) 15.85
Not in receipt of main phase ESA(IR) Nil
Aged 25 or over and on IS/JSA(IB)/ESA (IR) or aged 18 or over and not in remunerative work 15.85
Aged 18 or over and in remunerative work  
- gross income less than £149.00 15.85
- gross income not less than £149.00 but less than £216.99 36.45
- gross income not less than £216.99 but less than £282.99 50.05
- gross income not less than £282.99 but less than £376.99 81.90
- gross income not less than £376.99 but less than £468.99 93.25
- gross income more than £468.99 102.35

The amount of a deduction on Council Tax Support depends on the level of gross income the non-dependants receive.

The current amounts are as follows:

others aged 18 or over 4.05
gross income less than £217.00 4.05
gross income not less than £217.00 but less than £377.00 8.25
gross income not less than £377.00 but less than £469.00 10.35
gross income greater than £460.00 12.40
In receipt of Pension Credit, IS, JSA(IB) or ESA(IR) Nil

ESA (IR) = Employment and Support Allowance (income related)
IS = Income Support
JSA = Job Seekers Allowance (Income based)