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Adult social care precept

Since 2016/2017 the Government gave councils the power to apply an additional charge on top of Council Tax to provide more funding for adult social care services.

In 2016/2017, the adult social care precept was 2%. In 2017/2018 to 2019/2020 councils could add a further precept of up to 3% in any given year, but no more that 6% in total over those years. The Royal Borough of Windsor and Maidenhead took the decision to increase the adult social care precept element by 3% in 2017/2018 and 2018/2019. Therefore in 2019/2020 the adult social care precept will not be increased.

This precept is shown as a separate charge on all council tax bills..

This is a careful and caring measure to ensure council services can support vulnerable residents and meet the increase in demand as our population ages. 

Over the four years from 2016/2018 to 2019/2020, the funding from the adult social care precept is added to £6.6 million of increased government funding and £0.7 million of additional council investment and pays for :

  • More residential beds for older residents and those with learning disabilities;
  • More nursing beds for residents with dementia and or other complex needs;
  • Increasing the wage of domiciliary workforce, raising hourly rates to the living wage and
  • Meeting the increased cost of care in nursing and residential homes.

Adult social care precept calculation

This year the council will not be increasing the adult social care precept but the table below shows how the current figure has been calculated.

The monetary value is a cumulative figure taking into account the sums charged since it was first introduced in 2016/17. The table below illustrates this for a band D property:

Description 2016/2017 - First year of ASC ASC increase for 2017/2018
Core council tax £906.95 3% = £27.21
Adult social care precept £18.14 3% = £0.54
Total adult social care precept - £18.14 + £27.21 + £0.54 = £45.89
Description 2017/2018 ASC increase for 2018/2019
Core council tax £915.57 3% = £27.47
Adult social care precept £45.89 3% = £1.38
Total adult social care precept - £45.89 + £27.47 + £1.38 = £74.74