The donation of Greenredeem points

This scheme has two main purposes:

  • it offers residents who have accumulated points through recycling activities an additional way of using and allocating those points to support local projects important to them.
  • it offers local groups another route for raising support and securing an additional pot of money to deliver projects of value to their local communities.

This framework provides an overview of how the scheme works and sets out some important considerations for both residents interested in donating points and those project sponsors that wish to submit their projects for to this scheme.

To donate points to your chosen project, please log on to Greenredeem

The proposed framework below, developed in conjunction between the council and Greenredeem sets out how the scheme operates:

  • The Greenredeem Scheme operates as a stand alone scheme; distinct from the Neighbourhood Participatory Budgeting initiative. Projects and schemes will need to apply directly to the Greenredeem scheme using the online application form.
  • The existing allocation of recycling points to a particular project will be adjusted from a monetary value, to a point value. 
  • Allocating points to the projects will now be carried out on a quarterly basis. Projects that are unsuccessful in being awarded funds will be carried forward in to the next round. Any points accrued by a project in the previous voting round will be carried forward with that project, to the next round.
  • At the end of each voting round, the top five projects with the most points will automatically be awarded £1,000 each. If a project is successful and receives funding from the scheme, it will be removed from the Greenredeem site. Unsuccessful groups will be carried forward into the next round.
  • There will now be a limit placed on how many times a group or project is able to enter the scheme. Each project or group will only be able to have one live scheme at any one time in each voting round. If the project is successful twice, it will not be able to re-enter for that financial year.

To ensure qualification for the Greenredeem element of the scheme - projects must satisfy some additional criteria (please see below). In general however, projects should all seek to deliver something that will be of benefit to the local community and will not in any way be detrimental to the environment. This criterion is made clearer on the application form. Greenredeem has reserved the right under the contract to reject projects that are not consistent with their own company ethos.

Projects should:

  • Be for the benefit of the neighbourhood
  • Be legal and have appropriate permissions e.g. planning permission
  • Be achievable with the money requested (up to £1,000), or including any other funding or support secured already.
  • Encourage community engagement
  • Must not in any way be detrimental to the environment.