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Council Plan

The Council Plan 'tells the story' of how the Royal Borough will develop over the next four years, adapting to the changing economic and political environment to deliver its vision to build a borough for everyone – where residents and businesses grow, with opportunities for all.

The plan keeps residents, staff and partners informed of the council’s priorities and the outcomes it is aspiring to deliver, which are:

  • Healthy, skilled and independent residents
  • Safe and vibrant communities
  • Growing economy, affordable housing
  • Attractive and well-connected borough
  • An excellent customer experience
  • Well-managed resources delivering value for money

The Council Plan is supported by a number of other more detailed plans including the Medium Term Financial Plan, the emerging Borough Local Plan and the Joint Health and Wellbeing strategy to name just some. It is designed to take a longer term view of things, but will be refreshed each year to ensure that it remains current.