COVID19 : resident and business update

We will continue to keep residents and businesses updated about our community response hub, waste collections, and much more via our website and social media.

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Workforce profile

The information provided below which excludes schools and casual workers, reflects elements of the council's workforce profile as at June 2019:

  1. Employee numbers : 605 Headcount, 509.84
  2. Percentages of male and female employed: Female: 64.63% - 391; Male: 35.37% - 214.
  3. Percentage of employees with a disability: 3.97%
  4. Percentage of employees from the black, asian and minority ethnic communities: 14.71%.
  5. Percentage of female employees in the top 5% of earners : 53.33%.
  6. Sickness absence - Average days lost per head count (rolling year) : 5.06 days.