European Parliamentary election results

The European Parliamentary election took place on Thursday 23 May 2019. The results will be declared on Sunday 26 May 2019.

EU parliamentary results

Managing Director

Duncan Sharkey, Managing Director

Duncan Sharkey - Managing Director

Responsible for the overall management of the council and lead responsibility for these areas:

  • Head of paid service
  • Strategy and Commissioning
  • Communications and Marketing
  • Law and Governance
  • Human Resources

Key tasks include:

  • Lead the council in a manner that builds ownership and commitment, connects strategies to action, provides clear accountability, manages performance and delivers results.
  • Provide leadership and management of the council, in collaboration with relevant parties, to ensure the council’s vision and annual priorities are realised.
  • Actively pursue the engagement of residents and service users in service design, delivery, monitoring and evaluation.
  • Use evidence based practice to transform services securing significant and sustained improvements for residents.
  • Lead on joint arrangements with external agencies on strategic planning of joint initiatives.

Job Accountabilities