European Parliamentary elections - Thursday 23 May 2019

Elections to the European Parliament will take place on Thursday 23 May 2019 and the South East region will be electing 10 Members of the European Parliament (MEPs).

British, Irish, qualifying Commonwealth and citizens of the European Union are entitled to vote in these elections. 

Advice for citizens of the European Union

European Union citizens registered to vote in RBWM, other than citizens of the Republic of Ireland, Cyprus and Malta, need to have completed a European Parliament registration form (EC6/UC1 form) and ensured it reached the Electoral Registration Officer (ERO) by Tuesday 7 May to be able to vote from the UK at these elections. 

Those EU citizens who have entries on the electoral register as of 1 April were sent an EC6 form by the ERO on Wednesday 10 April, inviting them to complete the form and return it by the statutory deadline. 

Where EC6 forms have been received by the ERO by the deadline, EU citizens will receive a poll card letter in the post containing details about voting on 23 May. 

Where EC6 forms have been received by the ERO after the deadline, EU citizens will receive notification (via email or letter) before polling day advising them that they will not be able to cast their vote at a polling station in RBWM on 23 May.

Postal votes

Postal votes for electors eligible to vote in these elections and who requested them by the deadline of 5pm on Wednesday 8 May, were despatched on Tuesday 14 May. Postal votes should be completed and returned without delay to ensure that they are received by polling day for inclusion in the count. Completed packs may be returned to any polling station in the local authority area on polling day.

Election notices