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Annual Canvass

Register of Electors 2020

The annual canvass starts in August and residents are asked to confirm or update their electoral registration records so that the revised electoral register published on Sunday 1 December 2019 is accurate and complete. Electoral Services sends a Household Enquiry Form to every property in the Royal Borough and asks residents to confirm who is living at the address and eligible to vote. This information is used to compile the new electoral register. Please look out for your form and respond as soon as possible.

It is a legal requirement to respond to the Household Enquiry Form we send you. Regulation 23 of the Representation of the People Act  (England and Wales) 2001 outlines that electoral registration officers have a duty to require information from persons which is used to compile the parliamentary and local government registers of electors.   If any person fails to provide the information requested, they may be liable to a summary conviction or fine which is up to £1,000.  You can respond to the Household Enquiry Form via the internet, telephone or post. The quickest and easiest way to respond to the form is via the internet.


Ahead of the start of the regular canvass, an eCanvass takes place where electors are invited to update or renew their registration details online. Where a household response is made before Wednesday 21 August 2019, a Household Enquiry Form will not be sent in the post. 

Registration Eligibility

To be included in the register of electors, a person must:

  • be resident at an address in the Royal Borough of Windsor & Maidenhead on the date of the application and of publication of the register;
  • be a British, Irish, Commonwealth citizen, or a citizen of the European Union;
  • be aged at least 16 years of age (although only able to vote from the age of 18).
  • supply their date of birth and National Insurance number - this information is then verified against other government databases.

If you are a British citizen resident overseas then you must apply to become an overseas elector. As long as you were registered to vote in the UK within the last 15 years then you can register to vote from overseas. Please contact the elections office for application forms and advice or go to

If you are a member of the British Army, the Royal Navy or the Royal Air Force, you can register as a service voter. This allows you to register at an address in the UK (for a period of five years) whilst posted abroad. Alternatively you can complete an application as an ordinary elector and be added to the register at your home address in the UK. Please contact the elections office or your 'unit registration officer' for further advice if required or visit