3. The M4 Smart Motorway

Enhancing the strategic transport network is a key priority for the Local Enterprise Partnership. Highways England is improving a 32-mile stretch of the M4 motorway between junction 3 (Hayes) and junction 12 (Theale) by making it a smart motorway.

This will use the latest technology to improve journeys by monitoring traffic flow and setting speed limits accordingly to keep traffic moving smoothly instead of continually stopping and starting. Information about road conditions and speed limits will be displayed to drivers on electronic road signs.The proposal also involves converting the hard shoulder permanently to a traffic lane to create the extra capacity that is needed to support economic growth.

Main construction work has started beween junctions 3 and 12. The replacement of several bridges starts in Autumn 2019.  The scheme is scheduled to be completed by spring 2022.

Further details about this project can be found on the Highways England website

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