COVID19 : resident and business update

We will continue to keep residents and businesses updated about our community response hub, waste collections, and much more via our website and social media.

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Advertising Boards (A-Boards)

The use of advertising boards in the Royal Borough

Many traders, public and restaurateurs seek to attract attention to their businesses by way of an advertising board (A Board) placed in a location outside or remote from their premises in the hope of generating interest from passing trade.

While we are sympathetic to the need for businesses to increase trade, items such as these present an obstruction for pedestrians and it is our policy not to allow any of them to be placed on highway areas within the borough.

In most cases the highway includes the carriageway, the footway [pavement] and the verges.

We would ask therefore that if such items are to be used that they are placed only on private areas that do not form part of the highway.

Seized A-boards

If your A-boards have been seized, please pay the removal fee and storage fee.

Thank you for your co-operation.