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8. The Tell Us Once service

Informing a government or local authority department when someone has died.

How the service works

When someone dies you may have to inform several different government and local authority departments of the death so that they can update their records. The Tell Us Once service will notify those departments on your behalf, and you will receive written confirmation of which departments have been informed.

How to use the service

You will be offered the service when you make an appointment to register the death, and the Tell Us Once service will be part of the registration process.


You can access the service by telephone after registering. The registrar will give you details and the number you need to call, you can also use this service online.

If you wish to use the service at registration you will be asked to bring with you the following information about the person who has died.

  • National Insurance Number and the National Insurance number of a surviving husband, wife or civil partner
  • Details of any benefits and services the deceased was receiving (e.g. housing benefit, carers allowance)
  • The name of their closest relative (normally known as 'Next of Kin')
  • The name of a surviving husband, wife or civil partner
  • The name of the person dealing with the estate of the deceased (which might be one of the above)
  • Their passport (please bring this with you to the appointment)
  • Their driving licence (please bring this with you to the appointment)

If you don't have all these items to hand, please bring as many as possible with you.

If you are not the next of kin, you will need to have their permission to give the information to the registrar.

The registrar will guide you through the process and give you written confirmation of the departments who have been informed.

The Death Notification Service

The Death Notification Service is an additional free, online service that allows you to notify participating banks and building societies of a death. Please visit: for more information and to complete a notification.