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1. Registering your baby

After the arrival of a new baby, everything can seem to be happening in a blur. However it is important to remember to register your new arrival.

It is a legal requirement to register the birth within 42 days. This is done by a personal visit to a register office in the district where the birth occurred. You will need to call 01628 796422 to make an appointment for this.

After giving the registrar all the necessary information, you will be asked to check the record carefully and sign it. 

You will need to purchase a birth certificate, which will cost £11 per copy at the time of registration.

You can also buy further birth certificates at a later date, which will cost £11 each.  

If you prefer you can go to any other Register Office in England or Wales where the registration will be made by a declaration, which will be sent to the local office where the birth occurred, any birth certificates would then be sent to you by post.