2. Apply to the trust fund

All applications should be submitted by way of a formal letter to the Secretary to the Trustees making the case for financial assistance and containing, where appropriate, answers to the following questions. Please also provide supporting information and documentation as necessary:-

  1. The nature of the project for which the funding is required.
  2. The amount of funding sought from this Trust.
  3. Whether the assistance required is by way of Grant, Guarantee or Loan.
  4. Details of other funding organisations to whom application(s) have been/will be made in support of this project.
  5. The amount of funds currently in hand, raised or pledged towards this project.
  6. A budget projection showing the amount of income you, or your organisation, expect(s) to generate towards this project from any source (e.g. fund raising/ donations/ ticket sales/ programme sales/ advertising etc.) and an estimate of expenditure itemising the costs of individual elements.
  7. If this is a personal, individual application, please give the names and addresses of two people who are willing to be approached to provide written character references.
  8. If land or buildings are involved, please provide details of their legal ownership and the status of any consents required in connection with the project.
  9. Approximately, how many people will benefit from this project and what percentage of those beneficiaries reside in the Royal Borough of Windsor and Maidenhead.
  10. To whom should a cheque be payable should your application be successful in receiving an award.

Please enclose a copy of your organisation's latest audited accounts. Where your application involves building works or relates to the purchase of equipment and/or materials please enclose two quotations. Individuals applying for support to participate in projects organised or operated by a third party must include a copy of the letter or form of acceptance from that third party.

Policy on Grant Aid to Schools

  1. Grants towards buildings or other facilities will be considered only when they are to be shared with other groups within the community.
  2. Grants to individual pupils may be made when they have been selected as members of representative groups, or teams from their school, borough, county or nation.
  3. Grants to individual pupils may be made to assist them to widen their experience by enrolling in adventurous training schemes, voluntary service at home or overseas and, in exceptional circumstances, to further their education.