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2. Community Trigger

The community trigger is a means by which victims of persistent anti-social behaviour (including incidents of hate) in the Royal Borough can request a review of their case. Once the community trigger process has been requested, the relevant agencies, which may include the local authority, police, health providers and/or social housing, will work together and decide whether any further action can be taken to resolve the issue. 

It is important to remember that community trigger is not for making a complaint or reporting new anti-social behaviour cases. 

If you want to make a complaint about the way in which an organisation has dealt with your case, you should enquire with them about their complaints procedure. 

A community trigger can be applied for if you feel that no one is dealing with the anti-social behaviour problems you are experiencing.

If you have already reported the problem to the Royal Borough, police or housing provider, the community trigger is a way for you to ask the agencies to review your case. It will make sure we work together to try and solve the problem. 

Criteria for requesting a Community Trigger

The Community Trigger can be used when either:

  • three reports of anti-social behaviour have been made by one person to the council, police or registered social landlord about the same issue in the last six months, and you feel no action has been taken; or
  • five individuals have separately reported related issues in the last six months and feel no action has been taken. These must be separate incidents and not different residents reporting the same incident.

All reports must have been reported within one month of the incident occurring.

How to request a Community Trigger

You can apply for the Community Trigger by completing the following referral forms: 

Send completed forms to : [email protected].

Community Trigger results

Date Number of community trigger applications Number of applications where threshold was not met Number of case reviews carried out Number of cases where recommendations were made
January-December 2015 1 1 1 1
January-December 2016 1 1 0 0
January-December 2017 1 1 0 0
January-December 2018 0 0 0 0