Proposed federation of Furze Platt Infant and Junior Schools

Latest news:
This consultation has now closed, and the governing bodies of Furze Platt Infant School and Furze Platt Junior School have agreed to proceed with a hard federation from September 2019.

The proposal:
The governing bodies of Furze Platt Infant School and Furze Platt Junior School have consulted on a proposal that both schools should join together to form a 'federation', from 1 September 2019.  

What is a federation?
A federation is where a number of schools come together under one governing body.  Furze Platt Infant School and Furze Platt Junior School will now have one governing body and one executive headteacher, who will have overall responsibility for setting a clear, strategic vision for both schools.  Each school will have a Head of School, and will remain legally separate schools, each with their own OFSTED grading, allocated budget and policy for admissions.

Why are the schools proposing the federation?
Both schools wish to formalise their longstanding partnership and share a leadership structure.  A federation offers the opportunity to share resources and expertise between the two schools, which will in turn enhance the high standard of education already provided at both.  With the majority of children at Furze Platt Infant School progressing to Furze Platt Junior School, the governors of both schools consider that this proposal is in the best interests of the children and their families. 

Where can I find more information?
This proposal is being led by the two governing bodies, and the two schools have published more information on the Furze Platt Infant School website and the Furze Platt Junior School website.  

Who should I contact if I have any questions?
Please contact the schools direct at [email protected]