Energy switch to save

Many residents are paying too much for their energy. The Royal Borough of Windsor and Maidenhead Energy Switch to Save scheme seeks to help all residents save money on their energy bills and make it as simple as possible to switch supplier.

We hope many people who wouldn't otherwise switch will take advantage of this opportunity and benefit  from the scheme, including some of our most vulnerable residents.

Our last auction achieved an average household saving of £280. Signing up is free and there is no obligation to switch supplier if you don't want to. 

How it works

Households interested in saving money on their energy bills are grouped together in conjunction with our scheme partner.

We then arrange for an auction to take place between the energy suppliers.  The one with the best deal will offer you a new energy contract.

You will receive a personal offer which will show how much you could save. If you agree to the offer, we will take care of the switching process for you. The whole process is just four steps (and you only have to do something in two of them):

1. Sign up for free

You have until Monday 9 October 2017 to sign up for our scheme. Registration is free and without obligation.

2. Auction

Our reverse auction takes place on Tuesday 10 October2017. The suppliers with the cheapest tariffs get to offer you a contract.

3. Personal offer

From Monday 23 October 2017 you will receive your personal offer and can see how much money you could save.

4. Accept or decline

You have until Tuesday 28 November 2017 to decide whether to accept your personal offer or not. If you accept the offer we will take care of the entire switching process for you. 


We do not know what tariff will be offered for your energy until after the auction has taken place and the offers have been sent out to residents. This is because a collective switching scheme is dependent on how many people sign up to the scheme; the bigger the group, the lower the tariff.

Your potential saving depends on:

  • your current tariff
  • payment method
  • electricity and gas usage
  • and ultimately on the winning bid.

We cannot guarantee that the offer is the cheapest on the market but our model aims to ensure the majority of participating households are offered lower annual energy bills than they are on currently or are available at the time.