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We will continue to keep residents and businesses updated about our community response hub, waste collections, and much more via our website and social media.

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Renewable energy

Solar panels on Town Hall

A renewable energy source is a naturally occurring fuel which replenishes itself so that it can be used over and over again. Some examples include the sun, wind, sea and wood (if replanted). Technologies have been created to take advantage of these renewable fuels such as solar panels, wind turbines and biomass boilers to create electricity and heat.

The council has installed a number of renewable technologies across the council estate and it is always looking out for new opportunities. For example, we have installed the following technologies:

  • solar photovoltaic panels 
  • biomass boilers
  • ground source heat pump
  • air source heat pumps

The Town Hall has solar panels installed and you can see our generation online.

Further information about renewable technologies and their relevant subsidies can be found on the Energy Saving Trust page on renewable energy.