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We will continue to keep residents and businesses updated via our website and social media about closures, community groups and more.

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Become a community recycling champion

If you are passionate about recycling and environmental issues then you could become a Community Recycling Champion and help promote recycling locally, encouraging others to recycle more and reduce the amount of refuse thrown away.

You do not need to have any particular experience or specialist knowledge to make a difference in helping promote recycling.

Dependent on how much time is available, champions help out in a variety of different ways:

  • Coming along to regular meetings to give suggestions and feedback,
  • Acting as a point of contact in the community on recycling issues,
  • Talking to neighbours about recycling,
  • Helping out at recycling events across the borough, and
  • Distributing information to neighbours and local residents.

We will give you help, support and information and invite you to regular meetings where you can give your feedback on our work, share ideas and make a positive difference to our community.

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