Put a sock in it!


You can recycle old clothes and textiles with your weekly collection service.

Simply place your clean, dry clothes and textiles in any plastic bag, label or write on the bag 'textiles' and then place it next to your recycling bin on collection day.

Please don't place the bag in your recycling bin, but leave it out separately.

Materials need to be dry so please avoid placing your bag out for collection in bad weather. 

We can only collect one bag at a time each week from each house.

The items we collect include:

  • old, worn clothing,
  • socks and tights,
  • shoes (paired),
  • belts,
  • knitwear,
  • curtains,
  • bedding, blankets,
  • towels and
  • any unwanted handbags. 

Unfortunately we cannot collect duvets and pillows.

If you have clothes in a good condition, continue to donate them to charity.

All your old clothes and textiles will either be reused or shredded and made into new products such as filling for mattresses, furniture and car seats.