Borough Local Plan Submission

Our Borough Local Plan was submitted on Wednesday 31 January to the Secretary of State for examination. For more information please see our

Borough Local Plan webpage.

Severe weather emergency plan (SWEP)

The Severe Weather Emergency Protocol (SWEP) comes into effect when temperatures are forecast to reach zero degrees or lower for three successive nights or during other extreme weather events. Under the SWEP all rough sleepers will be offered emergency accommodation by the borough and connected with our housing options service.

Anyone in contact with a rough sleeper when the SWEP is activated should direct them to Maidenhead Library or Windsor Library during opening hours or contact [email protected], 01628 683800 or call 01344 786543 (out of hours). The out of hours service will need to speak to the rough sleeper by phone to be able to help.

Please also see the Streetlink website for connecting rough sleepers to local services.

The SWEP is currently active until Friday 23 February 2018.