2. Our Exhibitions

In the Museum at the Guildhall

The Museum is open six days a week with a permanent themed display and also temporary displays on local history.

In Windsor Library - The Story of Windsor

A wall display in the corridor on the first floor of Windsor Library, SL4 1ER, traces the development of Windsor town over the last 1,000 years. It tracks the story of different monarchs and shows original Saxon settlement of Windlesora which is now Old Windsor, as well as the present town which circles Windsor Castle.

We have temporary displays (listed below) in the museum, Windsor Library and other community libraries.

Our collection Online: Digitation Project 2018

We have a museum collection of over 13,000 objects and growing.We have digitised 200 objects which are now viewable here and we want to digitise another 2,000 objects by the end of 2018.

Temporary exhibitions and displays

Exhibition in the Museum

Husbands, wives, grooms and brides - May - October 2018

Smaller displays around the borough

  1. Windsor Library - Tree Tales from the Great Park, January 2018 onwards
  2. Dedworth Library - Fallen Women, April 2018 onwards
  3. Maidenhead Town Hall - Lord Desborough, until the end of May 2018
  4. Maidenhead Library - Memories on a plate, April 2018 onwards
  5. Boyn Grove Library - Rockin' around in the Borough (Stone Age), April 2018 onwards
  6. Cox Green Library - Our Collection Online : Digitisation Project 2018, January - September 2018

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