Grenfell Park

This consultation closed on Tuesday 19 June 2018. Results will be displayed on this website once reviewed.


  • The railings along Grenfell Road and South Road will be 1200mm high.
  • Original Victorian post and gate will be retained.
  • The timber markers are proposed to be placed in the planter and will be clear away from footpath and hence would not be a trip hazard.
  • The bollards will be 500 diameter and will act as visual markers for the park boundary.
  • Gaps will be left in the weld mesh fence along the footpath connecting Grenfell Road and South road to allow for wildlife corridor.
  • Entrance C will remain closed as there are serious concerns for Health and safety as the steps are not deemed safe for the public use. 

The council has now looked into the issue of fencing around Grenfell Park and would like to suggest a fencing strategy to replace the existing boundary fencing.

After careful consideration of the topography of the park and the context the following three areas were considered for replacement:

  • Grenfell Road fencing
  • South Road fencing (these will be done first with the remaining works phased over the next financial year).
  • Connecting footpath on the western boundary of the park

To view a comprehensive plan for replacement of boundary fencing, please download the proposal document.