1. Skate parks in Windsor and Maidenhead

There are three skate parks in Windsor and Maidenhead provided by the council.

Windsor Skate Park

Recreation Ground
Vansittart Road
Nearest postcode: SL4 5DL

  • 4ft quarterpipe and flatbank.
  • quarterpipes 5ft and 6ft.
  • 4ft halfpipe.
  • 4ft spine, grindbox, driveway and funbox.
  • 2 round double copin grind bars.

Maidenhead Skate Parks

Kidwells Park

Bath Road
Nearest Postcode: SL6 7DX

The Matrix

  • 2ft mini spine and quarterpipe.
  • Grind box with copin.
  • Block with copin.
  • Driveway and grind box.
  • 4ft spine.
  • 4ft quarterpipe, 5ft flatbank and quarterpipe.
  • Set of stairs.
  • 2 5ft roll ins.
  • 3ft quarterpipe and 2ft sub-box.
  • 4ft half pipe.
  • Taco.

Desborough Park

Accessed from:

The Croft, Fane Way or Desborough Crescent
SL6 2TN.

This skate park is of concrete construction for use by BMX, roller skates, boards and mini scooters.