Adopted Local Plan

The Local Plan guides development across the borough. For central Maidenhead, policy contained in the Local Plan is supplemented by that within the Maidenhead Town Centre Area Action Plan.

As a result of a change to the planning system in 2004 and the adoption of the Maidenhead Town Centre AAP, some of the original Local Plan policies no longer apply. Those policies which remain relevant are known as 'saved' policies.

The Local Plan and a list of policies indicating those which are saved can be downloaded below. Unfortunately, the Proposals Map which shows the boundaries of policies which have implications for specific areas is not available on-line at this time. We are working to resolve this.

In time, the Local Plan will be replaced by the Borough Local Plan.

The South East Plan was partially revoked on 25 March 2013. The Order revokes the Regional Strategy for the South East, published in May 2009, except for policy NRM6: Thames Basin Heaths Special Protection Area.

Local Plan Appendices

For the sake of completeness, the Adopted Local Plan Appendices are provided below as downloads. However, several of these appendices now need to be read in conjunction with updated advice, some of it in the form of supplementary planning guidance which can be viewed Supplementary Planning webpage. In particular, Appendix 7 on Parking Standards has been superseded by the Parking Strategy 2004.