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2. Progress of neighbourhood plans

Ascot, Sunninghill and Sunningdale Neighbourhood Plan

The Neighbourhood Plan was made part of the development plan for the area at the council meeting on 29 April 2014. The plan was subject to a referendum on 27 March 2014. 91% of those voting in the referendum supported the adoption of the plan by the Royal Borough.

For more information on the adopted Neighbourhood Plan, see the Ascot, Sunninghill and Sunningdale neighbourhood plan or contact the Ascot & the Sunnings Neighbourhood Plan delivery group by emailing: [email protected]


Bisham Neighbourhood Plan

The group are considering how and whether they are going to take a Neighbourhood Plan forward. View the Bisham Parish Council website or email: [email protected]

Bray Neighbourhood Plan

The group have finalised and submitted the "Bray Parish Neighbourhood Plan 2016-2030 - Submission Plan". The Council consulted on this plan from Friday 7 July 2017 to Friday 1 September 2017. The consultation is now closed. The Neighbourhood Plan is now being examined.

For up-to-date information contact the chair, Steve Adams by emailing: [email protected]

[Good progress]

Central Windsor Business Neighbourhood Plan, Windsor 2030

Central Windsor Business Forum The ‘Windsor 2030’ forum is drafting policies and members are looking at sites to be included in the plan. They are finalising a pre-submission draft of the plan and considering when they should consult on it. View the Windsor2030 website or email: [email protected]

[Good progress]

Datchet Neighbourhood Plan

The group has restarted the Neighbourhood Plan under a new chair and is looking for more volunteers. The group is considering ways to get the views from as wide a range of people as possible and how to take the plan forward. Contact the chair, Fiona Cryle to get involved or by phoning the parish office on 01753 773499. View the Datchet Parish Council website or email: [email protected]

[Good progress]

Eton and Eton Wick Neighbourhood Plan

The group has submitted their Neighbourhood Plan for the designated area of Eton and Eton Wick to the Council and the Regulation 16 "Submission" Consultation is from Monday 20th November 2017 until Friday 19th January 2018. 

View the Eton Town Council website or email [email protected]

[Good progress]

Horton and Wraysbury Neighbourhood Plan

The group are finalising their submission version plan. View the Horton and Wraysbury neighbourhood plan website or email [email protected]

[Good progress]

Hurley and the Walthams Neighbourhood Plan

The Hurley and the Walthams Neighbourhood Plan has been examined by an independent examiner and the Council have set a date for the referendum of 23 November 2017. The documents relevant for the referendum are:

[Good progress]

Maidenhead and Cox Green Neighbourhood Plan

Topic groups are working on researching evidence and developing policies. The group is developing its Neighbourhood Plan. The group has a lot of information on their website. View the Maidenhead and Cox Green neighbourhood plan website or email [email protected]

Old Windsor 

The group are finalising the plan for submission to the Council. If you are interested please contact the parish clerk. Email: [email protected] or view the Old Windsor Parish Council website.

[Good progress]

Windsor (excluding Central Windsor) 

Forum members, working with consultants, are finalising the plan for submission to the Council. View the draft plan on the Windsor neighbourhood plan website or contact the forum by email [email protected]

[Good progress]