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2. Parking dispensations

On occasions it may be necessary for some vehicles to be parked near properties governed by parking restrictions. If it is considered essential that the vehicle must be parked nearby then, in certain circumstances, we will issue a dispensation notice.

A minimum of 48 hours notice (Monday-Friday) is required for the issue of a dispensation notice.

However in instances where a dispensation is required in under 48 hours, there will be a late charge of £50.00 on top of the fees.

  • 1st day - £20.00,
  • Additional days - £5.00,
  • 1 week (7 consecutive days) - £40.00,
  • 2 weeks (14 consecutive days) - £70.00,
  • 3 weeks (21 consecutive days) - £100.00,
  • 4 weeks (28 consecutive days) - £125.00,