21. Chobham Road, Sunningdale – Raised Table Crossing and Additional Parking - Results

The local authority is aware that a number of pedestrians are having difficulty crossing Chobham Road. The shopping area is along both sides of Chobham Road, with limited facilities to enable shoppers to safely cross the road.

The proposed raised table crossing will be part of a larger scheme to make the area safer for pedestrians, also reducing the speed of vehicles along this section of Chobham Road. Additional parking has been requested to help shoppers and local businesses.

The Royal Borough of Windsor & Maidenhead is considering a 2 stage local safety scheme.

Stage 1 would be the installation of a zebra crossing on a raised table, just south of the existing dropped crossing point as shown on the  plan. This will allow easier and safer crossing of Chobham Road as well as reducing the speed of traffic. Funding for this stage has been identified and, subject to the outcome of the consultation, it is proposed that the scheme would be delivered in the financial year April 2017 – March 2018.

Stage 2 would be the creation of additional parking spaces outside the area of Costa Coffee in Chobham Road parade of shops. The slip road would be removed and additional parking introduced. Funding for this stage of the scheme is yet to be identified and would again be subject to the outcome of the consultation.

We asked “do you agree with proposals to introduce the raised zebra crossing?”


Yes – 35.44% (174 responses)
No – 64.56% (317 responses)

We asked “do you agree with proposals to remove the slip road and construct additional parking?”


Yes – 88.39% (434 responses)
No – 11.61% (57 responses)