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2. Promoting Sites

A ‘Call for Sites’ is currently being undertaken from 14 July to 5.00pm on 25 August 2017. 

This ’Call for Sites’ will be used to update the Housing and Economic Land Availability Assessment (HELAA) with the latest information. Sites promoted previously should be resubmitted to confirm their availability, including any appropriate additional information.

Should you wish to promote a site within the borough for development please complete the HELAA pro-forma accompanied by location map indicating the site boundaries.  A site can be promoted for any type of development, housing (including care accommodation and traveller sites), offices, industry, leisure, waste or minerals.

Download the HELAA pro-forma

It must be stressed that indicating the availability of a piece of land to the council does not change the status of the land. Inclusion of a site within the HELAA is not an endorsement by the council that the site is necessarily suitable for development.

For further information on this subject please contact the planning policy team on [email protected].