1. All Saints Cemetery, Maidenhead

All Saints Cemetery, Maidenhead SL6 6LU

Opening times

8am every day until half an hour after sunset or 4.30pm, whichever is the later.

Access for funerals is via the Courthouse Road entrance only.

Pedestrian access can be gained via the new gates in All Saints Avenue, next to Cemetery Lodge which is now a private dwelling.

All Saints Cemetery was opened in 1888 and covers an area of approximately five acres. The cemetery was originally owned by The Maidenhead Cemetery Company and came into council ownership during the 1950s.

There are more than 10,000 grave spaces in the cemetery and there have been 14,600 interments to date.

A number of these grave spaces have been provided for the armed services and auxiliary personnel who were killed during the First and Second World Wars. For those killed in active service, a grave is provided and maintained by the Commonwealth War Graves Commission.

We have introduced conservation grass areas in some section of the Cemetery. These areas are to help and encourage wildlife. The grass will be cut and removed during September.