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4. Windsor Cemetery, St Leonards Road

Windsor Cemetery, St Leonards Road, Windsor, SL4 3DB

Opening times

8am every day until half an hour after sunset or 4.30pm, whichever is the later.

Layout, features and facilities

  • New burial plots are no longer available at Windsor, although some burials into existing or reserved graves still take place.
  • New cremation plots and gardens of rest for the interment of cremated remains are however still available.


Windsor Cemetery, also known as Spital Cemetery, is the oldest of our four cemeteries and was first opened in 1854. When first opened it was set out as a traditional cemetery where full-sized memorials could be placed on all graves if required, with specific sections for the following different religious faiths:

  • Church of England
  • Non-Conformist
  • Roman Catholic.

The cemetery has links with Windsor Castle and the two army barracks based in the town with a number of Victoria Cross holders being buried there.

During the 1970s the cemetery was extended and the extension was set out as a lawn cemetery with specific sections for different religious faiths.