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5. Other considerations

Health and Safety

As an employer/ business operator you have a legal responsibility, under the Health and Safety at Work etc. Act 1974, to protect the health and safety of your staff (where applicable), and any other people who may be affected by your business undertaking - such as customers and members of the public.  The Health and Safety Executive (HSE) offers the following online advice, guidance and tools and can help save you time and effort in getting started.

Getting Started including Health & Safety made simple - the basics for your business and Health and Safety Tool Box – How to control risks

Risk management

Control of chemicals

Accident reporting


If running a business from home you may need to seek advice from your mortgage provider, if appropriate, and your insurance company on the requirements for public liability and possibly employers’ liability insurance for your venture.  This is especially important if you take on any staff or allow members of the public to visit your property.  If you use your vehicle for your business you may need to contact your vehicle insurance provider to seek advice on business use insurance.

Further advice

If after working through the above guidance and information you still have queries in relation to your new food business you may contact us using our online form.