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Trees Utilities Trenching and Highway Trees

Trees play an essential role in the environment and visual amenity of rural and urban landscapes.

They may take decades to grow, but can be destroyed in minutes.

Wherever they are growing, whether in public footpaths, private gardens, rural verges or elsewhere, they require space for the adequate development of their root systems and to allow the branches to develop an attractive and natural shape.

The space available for both trees and services is often very restricted, and they frequently share the available space, both above and below ground.

Volume 4: NJUG Guidelines for the Planning, Installation and Maintenance of Utility Apparatus in Proximity to Trees (Issue 2), gives guidance to utility companies when excavating to install, replace or maintain a service in close proximity to trees.

It describes how to control works at different distances (zones) from a tree and what can and cannot be carried out in each zone. A summary of this document can be downloaded free of charge from the NJUG website.

If you see utility works in the vicinity of trees which do not accord with the guidelines, or have any queries, please contact us.