1. Ash dieback disease (Chalara fraxinea)

Britain's ash trees face a serious threat from a recently arrived fungal disease known as Chalara fraxinea.

In some countries, this disease has been responsible for the deaths of up to 90 per cent of ash trees. The ash tree is the fourth most common tree in the United Kingdom so the impact could be devastating in this country if it cannot be eradicated.

Identification and containment of the disease is being co-ordinated by the Forestry Commission.

Tackling the spread of the disease is very important, and you can play your part.

The Forestry Commission website provides information on the disease, how to identify it and report it.

Please help control the disease by checking any Ash trees you own or are responsible for, or that you may see when going about your daily business.

If you suspect a tree is infected, please report it.