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1. The Benefits of Urban Trees

Substantial research supports the following benefits that trees bring to urban areas.


  • Produce oxygen for us to breath.        
  • Sequester carbon dioxide from the atmosphere, locking away the harmful 'greenhouse' gas.         
  • Reduce localised temperature extremes (the Urban Heat Island).         
  • Provide shade, reducing the harmful effects of ultra violet radiation and making streets and buildings cooler in summer.         
  • Help to improve air quality by reducing dust and particulates.
  • Improve environmental performance of buildings.
  • Help to reduce traffic noise, absorbing and deflecting sound.
  • Help to reduce local wind speeds.
  • Increase biodiversity and provide food and shelter for wildlife.
  • Assist in land remediation.
  • Reduce the effects of flash flooding by rainfall interception.


  • Improve the quality and perception of the urban environment.
  • Create community focal points and landmark links.
  • Create sense of place and local identity.
  • Benefit communities socially be instilling higher public esteem and pride for an area.
  • Positive impact on both physical and mental health and well being.
  • Positive impact on crime reduction.
  • Improve health in the urban population.


  • Have the potential to increase residential and commercial property values by between 7% to 15%.         
  • Improve the environmental performance of buildings and therefore the economic performance through reducing heating and cooling costs.         
  • Can provide mature landscapes that confer a premium for development sites.         
  • Assist the appreciation of property values proportionate to their scale as they grow larger.        
  • Creating a positive perception for prospective purchasers of property.
  • Enhance the prospects of securing planning permission.
  • Improve health in the urban population, thus reducing healthcare costs.
  • Provide a potential long term renewable energy resource.