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Saturday collections of garden waste

We offer free Saturday collections of green garden waste:

Collections need to be booked in advance.

Only one collection can be organised at any time (we work on a three week cycle).

In any one collection, we can pick up either:

  • 3 builders sacks or
  • 2 builders sacks and 5 bin bags or
  • 1 builders sack and 15 bin bags or
  •  25 sacks of garden waste.
  • Twigs and branches tied up with string count as 1 bin bag. Maximum diameter (3 ins) and maximum length (4 ft).

Please use thick rubble type sacks as the bags will be returned when they are emptied for you to reuse. Please do not overfill the builders sacks as if they are too heavy for us to safely lift we may have to leave them behind.

You can have a maximum of four free collections per year running from 1 April to 31 March

If you request more than four collections the cost of each additional collection will be £28. To make a payment and organise an additional collection call us on 01628 683801.

Your garden waste should be on the very edge of your property or neatly left on the pavement with easy access for passers-by.  

If you regularly have a lot of green garden waste you may wish to subscribe to our green garden waste service £37 per year.

To organise your free collection call 0330 109 9163

(prices as of April 2019)