Report a problem with air quality

To report a problem with air quality, you will need to tell us:

  • Address of the site the air quality issue is occuring

Report a problem with air quality

The council has declared five Air Quality Management Areas (AQMAs), for exceedance of the annual mean objective for nitrogen dioxide, in Windsor (2 areas), Maidenhead, Bray (near M4) and Wraysbury (near M25)

  1. Maidenhead AQMA, in and around the town centre.
  2. Windsor AQMA, western area around Clarence Road roundabout and Arthur Road.
  3. Bray/M4, area around the M4 flyover along A308.
  4. Wraysbury Road/M25, area around M25 tunnel portal.
  5. St Leonards/Imperial Road junction, Windsor.

Air quality across the borough is generally good and in recent years has been improving. Current monitoring suggests that there are some localised exceedances of the annual mean air quality objective (AQO) for nitrogen dioxide (NO2).

The council has an active programme of measures in place to reduce the impact of emissions on local air quality. These form an integral part of the Local Transport Plan (LTP) and link to highways capital programme with the Council’s efforts to improve air quality. The plan implements a suite of 'soft' measures and smarter choices; influencing better travel choices, encourage public transport use, walking and cycling that can all contribute to reduce road traffic emissions. The council has a duty to work towards achieving the national AQO, however direct and cost effective interventions in certain areas may not be available.

Air Quality Monitoring

The council operates three air quality monitoring stations to measure levels of NO2 and PM10 at Frascati Way in Maidenhead, NO2 at Aldebury Road (Maidenhead) and Clarence Road roundabout in Windsor. The stations are part of the London Air Quality Network (LAQN) and air quality data in available on the Londonair Website.

A network of passive air monitoring sites complements the monitoring stations. This help us to monitor air quality across wider areas in the borough. All monitoring results are included in the council's air quality annual report.

Should you require any further information please contact the customer service centre on 01628 683830.

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