12. Maidenhead Waterways Restoration

The Maidenhead Waterway project aims to restore and enlarge the neglected town centre channels into an accessible waterway that everyone can enjoy, whether for boating, walking, cycling, fishing or simply interacting with nature. The work involves cutting back or removing the overgrown trees and bushes that obstruct the waterway, selective widening of the narrower sections of the channel and dredging/lowering the bed to increase water depths. The construction of a weir at Green Lane will raise and stabilise water levels within the 'ring' and a lock is to be added at a later stage to allow larger boats to pass into the town centre. For more information go to: http://www.maidenheadwaterways.org/ or contact Maidenhead Waterways Restoration Group at [email protected].

The Maidenhead Waterways framework planning brief (June 2009), which can be downloaded below, provides a framework for future planning decisions along the waterway corridor stretching from the Cliveden Reach of the River Thames near Cookham, through Maidenhead, to Bray Marina. It's purpose it to aid the restoration of the waterway including the achievement of the emerging Maidenhead Waterway Project.