Shops pass Christmas alcohol test purchases

Published: Tuesday, 19th December 2017

Businesses have been reminded to take their role in protecting young people from harm seriously after a successful Christmas crackdown on underage alcohol sales.

Trading Standards officers from the Royal Borough visited seven premises across the borough that had been the subject of complaints underage children were being sold alcohol.

Each premise was given a verbal or written warning on their conduct and advised how to ensure they do not sell alcohol to anyone under 18.

In a follow-up operation earlier this month a series of test purchases were undertaken with an underage volunteer, accompanied by two Trading Standards officers. All shops and off-licences visited refused to serve the young person.

Cllr Jesse Grey, cabinet member for environmental services (inc. parking and flooding), said: “I am delighted these businesses are working with us to protect young people from harm and that this operation from our Trading Standards team has been such a success.

“It is important we work together to create a safe and vibrant community and ensuring alcohol is sold responsibly, especially at this time of year, is an important part of that.

“Though I am pleased this operation showed many businesses are operating properly. I hope this reminds anyone licensed to sell alcohol in the borough we will continue to ensure they do so responsibly.”

The test purchases all took place on Friday 8 December and targeted businesses which had previously been flagged up to the council as potentially selling alcohol to under-18s.

Further test purchases are planned throughout the borough and officers will always investigate if they receive reports licensed premises are breaching guidelines.

Cllr Grey, added: “If anyone is ever in any doubt about the age of someone trying to buy alcohol they should always ask for ID.”

Our Trading Standards team’s advice is, if there is the slightest doubt about a buyer’s age, ask for photo ID in the form of:
• Passport.
• Photo card driving licence.
• Proof of Age Standard Scheme Card (Pass).

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