Changes to recycling reward scheme

Published: Wednesday, 2nd May 2018

Residents will continue to earn rewards for recycling as the council and Greenredeem revamp the scheme to provide the same service at a reduced cost to Council Tax payers.

Through the programme residents earn points for recycling waste at home and redeem them in local shops, restaurants and leisure facilities and can enter in to prize draws.

Currently points are calculated by weighing the recycling bin but from 2 July this will be replaced with a simpler system allowing residents to confirm their recycling with a one-click button via email.

The change will ensure the Greenredeem scheme improves value for money while maintaining the many ways residents are rewarded for their recycling. In addition bonus points will be awarded based on both the amount of recycling and reductions in the general rubbish collected in their area.

Residents will also still be able to donate their recycling points to good causes and earn more points by taking part in ‘learn and earn’ activities on the Greenredeem website.

Cllr Jesse Grey, cabinet member for environmental services (inc. parking and flooding), said: “We are delighted we can still offer this fantastic scheme to our residents. Our commitment to helping our planet and community in reducing the amount of rubbish we produce and encouraging our residents to recycle as much as they can is still as strong as ever. 

“We still value Greenredeem’s support and dedication in helping our residents recycle as much as we did when this scheme was set up nearly 10 years ago.

“Most residents recognise recycling is the right thing to do but Greenredeem helps us thank and reward residents for doing their bit for the environment and community.

“With the new ways of earning Greenredeem points, we hope to see a reduction in the amount of rubbish put in the black bins as well as more residents taking up the scheme and neighbourhoods working together to increase the amount of recycling they produce to gain bonus recycling points.”

Cabinet agreed to make the changes to the scheme on Thursday 26 April alongside approving the procurement process to ensure weekly bin collections in the borough continue when the current contract comes to an end.

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