Looking after your health needs during the royal wedding

Published: Wednesday, 16th May 2018

The Royal Borough and East Berkshire CCG want to reassure Windsor residents that all their health needs have been taken into account on the day of the royal wedding.

Health workers and carers will be on call to help any resident who receives support from Optalis (the Royal Borough’s adult social care partner) or from the NHS.

If you are pregnant and close to your due date, you should speak to your midwife who will make arrangements for you.  Cars will be able to leave the area within the Windsor road closures, but traffic will be extremely heavy.  In an emergency, you should call 999.

Over 100,000 visitors are expected to come to Windsor to celebrate the royal wedding and the town will be extremely busy.  If you have an urgent medical need or concern on the day, call NHS 111.  Alternatively, King Edward VII Hospital will become a walk-in clinic for residents and visitors with minor injuries or illness on Friday 18 May from 4pm-10pm and Saturday 19 May from 8am-8pm. 

Please order repeat prescriptions in advance to ensure that you have supplies of medication.  Pharmacies in central Windsor will be open, but it may be difficult to get through the crowds into the town centre.

As we all know, the English weather is changeable so do plan ahead if you intend to watch the wedding procession.  You’ll be waiting for a few hours so will need to wear comfortable shoes.  If it is a sunny day, bring plenty of water, sunscreen and a sun hat with you.  If it is rainy do bring an extra layer along with a waterproof as you will feel the cold if you are standing still.  In case you are delayed going home, bring any medication that you are currently taking.

Cllr Stuart Carroll, lead member for adult social care and public health said: “We have been working behind the scenes with partners to ensure that Windsor residents can access all the services they need.  If you have any sort of health problem on 19 May services will get to you.”

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