Council asked to increase highways investment

Published: Monday, 16th July 2018

Roads across the borough could benefit from a further investment worth more than £1.7m over the next year.

The new funding would come on top of the £7.7m already invested into improving the highway network as part of the 2018/19 budget.

Council will be asked to agree the funding on Thursday 19 July after cabinet recommended it for approval. The additional investment would enable more roads to be treated, such as those in residential areas, while also ensuring improvements on the primary road network continue at pace.

Part of the extra £1.7m will to go towards a pilot scheme called ‘Find and Fix’, which is designed to shorten response times and allow us to complete minor repairs and act on issues such as overgrown highway verges and flytipping more quickly.

Cllr Phill Bicknell, cabinet member for highways, transport and Windsor, said: “We want to invest further in improving our entire road network to help keep the borough moving.

“If approved, the extra funding will further improve the quality of road surfaces right across the borough and allow us to extend the project to include roads off the main network, ensuring that all residents benefit.”

The Royal Borough is currently ranked in the top ten councils for satisfaction with highway maintenance of 113 local authorities in the National Highways and Transport Benchmarking Survey.

The ‘Find and Fix’ scheme would see a dedicated, additional team of officers deal with issues across the borough where the network has visually deteriorated.

Safety related work would continue to be picked up by regular assessment while the new team would ensure work which would not be highlighted as a priority can still be undertaken. They would also ensure issues identified by residents are picked up quicker than is currently possible.

If you ever spot a defect on the road or issue in the borough you can report it quickly and easily online.

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